Electric Blue 53 - adult british blue


adult british blue - Electric Blue 53

The British Blue is the ‘flagship’ of the breed, with almost half the breed registrations being the ‘self’ colours. The colours and patterns can be classified as follows: British Self - These varieties are all one colour e.g. white, black, blue, lilac, chocolate, red, cream, fawn and cinnamon - all with orange eyes although you will. Blue is the most popular color for British Shorthairs, so much so that the “British Blue” almost seems as if he is his own breed. Other colors and patterns include white, black, blue, cream, various tabby patterns, tortoiseshell, calico and bi-color (a color plus white).

We have 5 wonderful kittens (3 boys and 2 girls) They are really to go their new home now. They are litter trained, wormed and flea treated. 1)Tabby girl£ -reserved 2)Blue girl£- sold 3)grey boy£ -reserved 4)black boy -sold 5)black boy -sold Mum golden British. Dad is a British Shorthair and mom is a blue point Siamese. Both parents are very loving and friendly. We are not offering in person visits but we are happy to FaceTime. He will be litter trained, eating dry/wet food prior to rehoming! First shots, deworming and .

Today, the British shorthair is accepted in cat registries worldwide. At one time, it was known as the British blue, but since it comes in a variety of colours, it is called either the British or the British shorthair. La Blue Film è una società di produzione e distribuzione cinematografica e televisiva. Nasce a Roma nel settembre del e realizza lungometraggi, cortometraggi, film documentari, videoclip, pubblicità e istituzionali, privilegiando partnership e alleanze con produttori europei e istituzioni pubbliche e private. Fin dall'inizio la linea produttiva della Blue Film è stata orientata .

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