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Adventure Romance Action Finished Pirates Of The Caribbean A woman who had guts, class, crazy on her side but was a pirate. Jeanette Teague was her name, but better known as the pirate lord of the Baltic Sea or "Jeanette Pezleón" from the Spanish who suffered her cruel genocide well known and hunted by Spain. Nov 25,  · Youre name is (Y/N) Jones youre father is Davy Jones himself and youre mother is the woman he fell in love with Calipso but some pirates know her as Tia Dalma you were born before Davy Jones became full of tentacles (you know what i mean) and no one knows who you truly are except for the crew on the flying Dutchman and Jack Sparrow. this story takes place .

Aug 31,  · Ice Queen - A Pirates Of The Caribbean Love K K Ice Queen was the first Pirates Of The Caribbean fan fiction I wrote, and, because of that, it's very special to upskirted.xyzs: Pirates of the Caribbean crossover fanfiction archive. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. All Pirates of the Caribbean Crossovers. Harry Potter Lord of the.

Promises (Pirates of the Caribbean by Alaude Ulysses Abyss K 15 I noticed there isn't a lot of stories about James Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean. eventual pirates of the caribbean magic Summary For almost a decade the age of piracy has rung golden, but all that changes when Caroline - recently bequeathed the title and powers of the Sea Goddess Calypso - is captured by the civilized world and branded a tool for their war - used against her will, and passed from ship to ship, from country.

Movies Pirates of the Caribbean. Follow/Fav Philip and Syrena the continuing story. By: Lady Of Cythera. Following on from where the film left them off. Syrena and Philip begin their new life together. Okay, so I know the story is really bad but I love this couple and I just couldn't not write a FanFic about them. I understand if you think. Welcome to the Caribbean, Love by Buckhunter The Race Horse reviews Jack and Elizabeth have some bonding time on the island, the pirate captain revealing the true story behind the .