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A day care for adults with special needs can cater to seniors with dementia or Parkinson's disease, adult children with schizophrenia or severe head trauma, and other disabled individuals. Research shows you what services are needed in your area . centers are senior care locations that are open during normal business hours and provide various care services, supervision and social interaction for the elderly. Seniors generally attend adult day care on a scheduled basis which can provide relief to caretakers, such as family members or caregivers.

The Arc of New Mexico: Parents Reaching Out: EPICS Education for Parents of Indian Children http://www. An adult day service center (A.D.S.C.) provides a coordinated program of professional and compassionate services for adults in a community-based safe group setting primarily during day-time hours. The Senior population (those age 60 and older) in Sitka, Alaska is growing. Options for functionally impaired Seniors wishing to remain home are limited.

Dedicated to the preservation of dignity and independance. The Adult Day Center, a compassionate community of acceptance, is a non-profit agency committed to providing extraordinary day care services for vulnerable seniors, adults living with a disability or dementia-related illness, and support and education for their caregiving families. Consumer Resources. Link(s) will redirect to a website that does not belong to the Bureau and any information contained within that link is managed by the agency it belongs to.

APDA Centers of Specialization National Young Onset Resources National Rehab Resource Center National Veterans Center Clinical Trials Resources Respite and care services Medicare, Medicaid and . 52 rows · For many families, adult day care is an affordable option when compared with the .