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where Luke is Darth Vader's son and Han and Leia are actively apart of the rebellion and they happen upon Luke and kidnap him for nothing but good measure, but Han winds. Han/Leia. Han Solo is a tease. Leia Organa has a Han-addled brain and a Han-smitten body. Luke may have been more adept at wielding the Force, but Han had managed to get her into his bunk. FLIGHT TO BESPIN smutty-smut-smut. [New for Warnings: l, s,a].

Leia Skywalker awoke with a groan as she rolled out of bed. She was a human woman about the age of 20 with long brown hair that was always messy and untidy as she worked long hours on Tatooine as a Moisture Farmer with her Aunt and Uncle. Leia never knew her real parents and had been an only child as far as she knew. Oct 24,  · Please do not continue if "adult" fanfic offends you. Note: This was one of the first fics I wrote so go easy on it. I'd always wondered how, after learning they were twins, Luke and Leia dealt with the knowledge that they had been sexually attracted to each other.

Dec 18,  · So the movie happens, Luke moves into the wider world, blows up the Death Star, comes back triumphant and goes off with Leia, who’s got her arms around him and Han. Now, presumably they’re heading. Luke and Leia always had feelings for each other but knew they couldn't act on it as they were brother and sister but one day on a mission to scout out a new rebel base they decided to act upon that desire.

Title: And You Belong to Me Author: jedinemo Pairing/Characters: Luke/Leia, mentions of Han, Chewie, Vader Rating: R Word count: Written for: celebcorps Request: Something with them ending a romantic relationship, due to either finding out they're related, or simple circumstance, against the both of their wills - for the greater good/it's the right thing to do/etc. This is a C2 for Sith Luke, Sith Leia, Sith Padme, or even Sith Shmi. Or Anakin contemplating the darkness or Vader the light. Or Anakin's fall into darkness. No Skywalkers from the EU: Mara Jade, Anakin Solo, ect., just Cannon characters.