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Feb 08,  · Some examples of healthy snack components are: Apples (dried or cut into wedges), 1 medium or ¼ cup (35 grams) Bananas, 1 medium Raisins, ¼ cup (35 grams). May 03,  · Dippin Stix Sliced Apples and Peanut Butter. When you’re looking for healthy snacks to buy, think “protein plus produce,” Laura Chalela Hoover, MPH, .

Dec 23,  · These healthy snack ideas, recommended by nutritionists, can help you stick to your weight loss goals. They're low in calories but still truly delicious. Curb cravings anytime and anywhere with easy, healthy snack recipes that keep you energized and feeling good all day long. All Healthy Snack Recipes Ideas. Showing of

Apr 18,  · Healthy snacks can still be appetizing, especially when you make them look as pretty as these pinwheels. Puree ripe mangoes and bake at a low temperature to get the adult version of this leather fruit snack. Get the recipe at Just a Taste. Courtesy of Fitness Food Author: Briana Riddock. May 08,  · Nuts are a great healthy snack for adults, packed full of protein, nutrients and they are delicious. Find them anywhere, like Argires Snacks, you can mix and match your favorites and add your own dried fruit or eat them as is. 13 Smoothies Choose your base, like milk or nut-based milk and then build your best smoothie.

A List of Healthy Snacks for Adults on the Go All the Time. You may find it difficult to find healthy, portable snacks because many prepackaged items are high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. Your best strategy is to plan ahead and invest in an insulated lunch cooler to have convenient, nutritious snacks with you as. Jan 01,  · Popcorn is a perfectly healthy and delicious snack as long as it isn’t loaded with butter, salt, and other chemicals that come in the store-bought bags. To make your own, simply buy organic popcorn kernels and pop them with air using either a specially-made popcorn popper or by adding the kernels to a brown paper bag with some sea salt.