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Poloxamer Protects Isolated Adult Mouse Cardiomyocytes from Reoxygenation Injury Pharmacol Res Perspect. Dec;8(6):e doi: /prp Authors Michele M Cited by: 1. We describe a reliable method for isolation of adult mouse cardiomyocytes. This protocol yields a consistent result for the culture of functional adult cardiomyocytes Cited by:

May 21,  · Adult cardiomyocytes are widely accepted as a good model for cardiac cellular physiology and pathophysiology, as well as for pharmaceutical intervention. Genetically modified mice preclude the need for complicated cardiomyocyte infection processes to generate the desired genotype, which are inefficient due to cardiomyocytes' terminal by: cultures of mouse cardiomyocytes Previous studies with adult human cardiomyocytes at 80% conflu-ency showed 40%% damage in cell number and viability, as well as lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) release, after 3 hours of hypoxia (% O 2) in SGF media followed by 2 hours of reoxygenation To optimize the H/R protocol for the confluent cultures of adult.

This protocol describes a step-by-step method for the reproducible isolation and long-term culture of adult mouse cardiomyocytes with high yield, purity, and viability. Transcript The overall goal of this procedure is to isolate viable primary adult mouse cardiomyocytes for culture Cited by: Primary adult mouse cardiomyocytes are a challenging cell type to capture, as they are delicate, sometimes multinucleated, and difficult to isolate as a pure population. They are also very large, and therefore a good candidate for isolation with the ICELL8 system dispenser's wide-bore nozzles.