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Nov 01,  · Adult social networks don't specialize in "adult" content (although those certainly exist), instead they're social networks for professionals rather than purely for friends. With over 15 million members, LinkedIn is the largest online social network for business Dave Roos. Nov 15,  · This one is one of the most useful Social Networking Sites for Adults who love to travel to different places, as it is a travel and lifestyle based Social Networking Site that offers its clients the capacity to find the best places to go. It also helps you find like-minded people to share their encounters.

Aug 16,  · Theres a new adult social networking site that has all the features and more that facebook and myspace have. It's % free in all aspects and has a good active member base. Jul 28,  · Teenagers, young adults and some full-fledged adults have flocked to News Corp.'s (NWS) MySpace property to socialize, share interests and find dates. But the site has also been fertile ground for.