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Sep 23,  · A tonsillectomy is surgery to remove your tonsils. The tonsils are 2 large lumps of tissue in the back of your throat. An adenoidectomy is surgery to remove your adenoids. Adenoids are small lumps of tissue on the top of your throat. The purpose of this retrospective study was to determine if acetaminophen and diclofenac sodium (Group 3) in combination are equally effective (or better) for adult post-tonsillectomy pain management when compared to one or both previously described alternative opioid pain medication regimens.

The pain associated with adult tonsillectomy recovery, by almost all accounts, is more intense than that experienced by children. Some theorize that children haven’t had as much time without pain as adults and thus their frame of reference is . Dec 12,  · Pain and Recovery Day by Day. I will be totally honest here. I've had foot surgery and have endured some pretty painful sports injuries. I think the tonsillectomy was high up there on the list of pain. I only say this because of the frequency of the pain—you will feel pain every time you swallow!

Adult Tonsillectomy Procedure The procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes. You'll be given general anesthesia, so you'll be asleep and pain -free during the surgery. The surgeon will use a . Mar 09,  · Most doctors are still against administering a tonsillectomy to adults. I first asked for a tonsillectomy at 19, and my doctor flat-out refused. Many adults will go through the same experience, as the surgery can be risky, and recovery is quite painful.