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Welcome to the new and improved ! Join me as post the coolest gifs and the hottest new tech tips as we surf the ‘net together on my new “weblog”! Prodigy A prodigy is a child (or adult, if the word is used in a broader sense) who is exceptionally good at something. Prodigies are usually gifted, but not always; in the case of child prodigies, they may be precocious rather than gifted). In any case they are not retarded, .

Adult prodigies. I’m talking about people in their thirties, forties, and beyond — people who are miles past any of the “learning windows” for talent, and who yet succeed in building fantastically high-performing skill sets. People like Dr. Mary Hobson, who took up Russian at 56, and became a prize-winning translator. Holloway Adult Prodigy Basketball Short DryExcel Fresh MicroInterlock has a smooth polyester surface with high mechanical stretch for extended range of motion Additional properties include superior wicking technology with an odorkilling antimicrobial treatment MicroInterlock contrasting inserts Elasticized drawstring waist with gripper for secure tuckin 4" wide side detail Inseams: Adult

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