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If your child is asking for a secret agent, spy, or detective birthday party theme you will want to check out the awesome spy party games and activities below because you will get tons on how to make your child’s birthday party fun, memorable, and one of a kind! Secret Agent Birthday / Spy Party Games Making Invisible Ink! Last summer, I threw a SPY PARTY for my 7 year old, and the DIY games I prepared for the kids were a huge hit! Today, I am sharing the tutorials for 5 easy and inexpensive DIY spy party games. 1) Dynamite (hot potato) - This was a really popular game with the children at the party.

May 16,  · A mystery party just wouldn’t be complete without a fun mystery to solve! Perhaps someone has stolen the birthday gifts, the favors or maybe even the cake (NO! Not the cake!) and your party guests have to solve the mystery before they get to dig in. Today we’re sharing some free mystery party printables to help with your mystery party. Investigate Our Spy Party Ideas. Are you searching for a cool party idea? Get out your magnifying glass and have a look at our spy party supplies and decorations! Our spy theme kit has everything you need for a spy birthday party, including a Spy Headquarters Backdrop, a Villain Standee, and our Spy Guy hero! Kids will love going undercover by donning a black fedora, look-behind sunglasses.

"Send a spy themed invitation by email" Example: (#3 in the Invitations section of The Ultimate Spy Theme Party) "3. Now living in an amazing technological age, you have a myriad of options for communication. Try putting the invitation in a WORD format document. What a fun party! I especially love the creative table centerpieces using magnifying glasses, beakers, vintage glass bottles, etc. I also love the black licorice pipes, they are so fun! This party is filled with so many great ideas that would be perfect for a dinner party, murder mystery party, birthday party, or detective party.

Junior Spy Birthday Parties At SafeHouse Chicago. SafeHouse Chicago's spy themed restaurant is filled with spy gadgets and interactive entertainment fit for kids of all ages. We have special orders from Control to make sure that your kid's birthday bash is an unforgettable celebration (without blowing anybody’s cover, of course.). Jun 15,  · We’ve compiled this crazy list of fancy dress party ideas for adults to help inspire you when planning your Birthday, Hen, Stag, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or any other fancy dress costume party or event. And if the crazy list of fancy dress party ideas for adults isn’t enough and you need more excuses [ ].