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Musculoskeletal System (inability to walk, spina bifida, burns) Special Senses and Speech (loss of hearing, limited vision) Respiratory System (asthma, cystic fibrosis) Cardiovascular System (congenital heart disease, heart transplant) Digestive System (inflammatory bowel disease, malnutrition) Most adults and children can take folic acid. It's not suitable for everyone. To make sure it's safe for you, tell your doctor before starting folic acid if you: have had an allergic reaction to folic acid or any other medicine in the past ; have low vitamin B12 levels (vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia) or pernicious anaemia.

Jan 16,  · The health body adds: “With the right treatment and support, many children with spina bifida survive well into adulthood. “It can be a challenging condition to live with, but many adults . Jun 16,  · Spina bifida occulta: In this mildest form of spina bifida, there’s a small defect or gap in one or more of the vertebrae (bones) of the spinal column. The defect may not be visible at birth and causes no harm. In fact, it’s estimated at 15% of healthy people have spina bifida occulta and don’t even know it.

The Spina Bifida Association external icon provides information on spina bifida, and can be helpful in recommending clinics or health care providers who are experts in the care of children and adults with spina bifida. Physical Health―What to Expect. No two babies with spina bifida are exactly alike. Health issues will be different for each baby. However, many individuals with spina bifida that live into early adulthood are more prone to be obese and have diet habits and physical activity levels that put them at risk for other conditions. Diet and exercise are the most effective ways to increase the life expectancy of adults with spina bifida.

Mar 05,  · A maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein screening (MSAFP) is a screening blood test that helps evaluate a fetus’ risk of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida and abnormalities in the abdominal wall. Feb 09,  · Amsterdam, NL, February 9, - Globally, nearly , babies are born with neural tube defects including spina bifida (SB) each year. This openly available special issue of the Journal of.