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National Benevolent Association XPLOR program NBA XPLOR partners young adults with Disciples congregations and the communities in which they serve. During this month residency, young adults aged have the opportunity to live simply in community, engage in direct service and justice work, unleash their leadership potential, and spiritually discern their . Video game addiction and technology addiction can become a serious issue if left untreated. Young men drop out of college or stop going altogether because they would rather play video games. Relationships suffer, personal hygiene suffers, social anxiety develops and young men get stuck in a rut that is hard to get out of.

Therapeutic programs for young adults also help families learn and grow. Many struggling young adults experience issues with their family making their challenges even more difficult. Family therapy helps the young adult’s support network learn skills helping to improve communication, relationships, and ways to work through conflict. Young adult transitional living programs are carefully established as help for young adults ranging from the ages of 18 to even 26 years old. These programs are specific to young men and young women who lack the resolution and motivation that is needed to succeed in day-to-day life. What is failure to launch? Failure to launch is when a young adult does not progress or “launch” into .

People searching for Christian Studies: Adult Education Programs found the following information relevant and useful. Yada is also an acronym for Young Adult Disciples in Action, a part of National City Christian Church in Washington, DC. We are young adults, professionals, students, marrieds, and singles. Our style is informal, our topics are relevant and our discussions are sincere. Please join us Sundays and Wednesday!

Young adults often seek opportunities to test themselves and to enjoy a higher level of adventure than they were capable as teenagers. Many Christian young adults are well acquainted with the technique of getting away with peers and good Christian leadership. Many churches use the format of a youth retreat for junior high and high school youth to give them the experience of . The Living Room is Worship Center's community for single and married young adults, ages We desire to be a vibrant community of faith that encourages and equips each other to be radically abandoned to Christ. We do this through building relationships with each other in many different environments from our weekly Tuesday night gathering, community groups, retreats, .