Kamis teen electro bdsm and screaming device bondage - electro domination


electro domination - Kamis teen electro bdsm and screaming device bondage

Sadomasochistic and Clinical Domination All your pain will be mine! Electro stimulation (e-stim) and Violet wand. Cell popping, Fire play and penis cupping. Medical Play: Shaving, Blood Play, needle and staple play, cutting and sutures. Anaesthesia Role Play. Urethral sounds, Catheters and bladder washing. Saline infusions and Scrotal nailing. Urethral sounding is a popular kink that sounds painful, but many folks are into it. It involves inserting a metal rod into the urethra—aka the pee hole.

– erotic electro stimulation • chastity and control – key holding – forced multiples • corporal punishment – whipping – caning – spanking – paddling – flogging – birching – strapping – foot whipping • sploshing • erotic asphyxiation – breath play • electrical stimulation – t.e.n.s. – violet wand. “Electrical Play, or electro/electrosex, involves the use of electrical currents to cause a stimulating effect on nerves in the body.” TENS explained Meet the TENS unit, a box of electrical magic, actually intended to treat those with various conditions such as fasciitis, back pain or support during labor through the induction of electrical.

Toys & Fetish. Electro-Play. Electro-Play. Showing 1–12 of 33 results. View product. Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder $ Feel the divine wrath of Zeus deep inside of you. 9 This smooth and stimulating Electro Couples Kit comes with two bi polar View Product. View product. I also have a tens and use many different electrodes with it like the electro cock strap also electro conductive rubber,etc. I love it! Post Reply Preview. skillful spiders [deleted] 12 years ago. Erostek b, guaranteed multiple orgasms every time I use it. Hugs, be safe, Riki.

Electrical Play or Electro play. Electrical play is a fetish that heightens sexual pleasure through the use of certain electrical devices. Mistress Tara mainly uses a TENS machine in electro play, but can also use a violet wand. Smoking Fetish. A smoking fetish is an erotic art form that involves the Mistress smoking for the pleasure of a. This is short but hot interrogation scene. It’s got plenty of the right elements for my victim fantasies; the darkly lit room, more than one captor present, the chair tie, the waking up to discover you’re captured, the threats and buildup and of course the electro torture (I prefer wires .