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Losing Erection. Whenever I start to put my condom on, I start losing my erection and it just keeps getting closer and closer to being completely limp. Do you have any idea what could be . Oct 11,  · What he told you about the condom being too small is the same problem i have and it takes away the feeling as well as causing the erection to go soft quickly. There are extra large condoms and that should help him with his issue. Also the Viagra and Cialis, and the other one are very helpful though for keeping the erection.

* Condoms were removed prematurely on at least one of the past three occasions by percent of the men reporting erection loss, compared with percent of men not reporting this problem. * Erection loss was more likely among men who reported at least one condom breakage ( percent) compared with men not reporting breakage ( percent). Previous research indicates that young men may experience condom-associated erection loss and that these problems may lead to inconsistent or incomplete condom use. The primary aim of this study was to assess, using a retrospective recall period of 2 months, correlates of condom-associated erection .

May 19,  · So, the reason why we men lose our erection when a woman asks us to wear a condom is that some deeply uncomfortable thought and/or emotion arises in us in response to that request. And what might that thought or feeling be? A man might lose his erection as the condom is applied or during intercourse. CAEP can make men anxious whenever they use condoms and the distraction could make the erection problems worse. In addition, men with CAEP may find that they don’t have the same sexual sensations when they use a condom.

Well, I'm sure this comes as a surprise to you, but you're just one of hundreds of thousands of young men who lose their erections when they try and put on a condom. . Rates of condom problems were high among all study groups, with nearly all participants making at least one error, % experiencing a condom failure, and the majority experiencing erection loss associated with condom use. Particularly troubling were certain errors that were previously related to condom failure among YMSM 7.