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Market Share Segmentation, Target, Positioning – Condom industry Durex principally focused on the urban working class, upper-white collar class and high society swarm situating itself as "Fun". They needed to break the forbidden that went hand in hand with sex and related issues furthermore make it a socially acknowledged thing to wear condom. to be marketing condoms in Kenya. A semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect data (See Appendix II), and below is a summary of the findings: To address the first objective, it was established that NGOs in Kenya are mainly marketing the male condoms, and the female condoms are seldom marketed.

The target market for the female condom would be dual, firstly NGO’s working for women and sex workers, NACO and other government agencies working in the field and secondly it would be modern day working class educated women and men. The former is aimed as a part of societal marketing concept wherein the health of the people is targeted with. Feb 24,  · Condom brands, previously focused on older, married couples, have begun targeting footloose youngsters. A look at the shift. Previously targeted largely at married couples presumably in their early.