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adult hermione and sirius fan fiction - since fiction fuck

Summary: "At the beginning of 6th year, Hermione uses her time-turner to find Harry, but the timepiece malfunctions and sends her back 18 years instead of 2 she tries to find a way home without altering the past, Hermione also tries to find a cause behind a mysterious illness affecting only Muggle-borns and to battle her growing feelings for James Potter. Summary: Hermione is surprised when Ron shows up at her office for a little afternoon delight. (She believes it’s Ron, but it’s someone else using polyjuice and deceiving her) Rating: Adult Categories: Harry Potter > Hermione/Other Characters: Hermione Granger, Other Canon Character Warnings: Rape/Non-Con Series: None.

Read the most popular harryhermione stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Sirius Black drifted into the room: his hair was black and curly and all over the place. His face was dirty and his teeth looking rotten. Hermione grabbed me and pushed Harry behind the two of us. "If you want to kill Harry, you have to kill us too!" Um, this might be awkward, but I'm not down to die. Maybe if I just scoot away-"No," Sirius.

Dec 30,  · 3. Time is the Fire by Oddment Tweak Word count: 97, Oddment Tweak's Time is the Fire takes an approach unusual for H/Hr fics: it sticks to the canon epilogue and starts the story from there. As the title suggests, it involves time travel shenanigans. The main part of the story takes place post-epilogue, where Harry is married to Ginny and Hermione to Ron, and another follows an adult. Using a long lost formula, Hermione brings Sirius back from beyond the Veil. She also lifts the veil over some of Dumbledore's disputable choices. Will the .

Hermione is thrown into the past after an accident with the time-turner. There, she has a deeply emotional romance with young Sirius Black, a mischief-maker . Aug 03,  · Sirius Black was always a strange one he lived in a secret apartment and never talked to people all his friends were dead he thought expect for Lupin, even his wife was dead he was so depressed, but at least little Sophia was still alive. This is a Harry Potter Fanfiction about a girl made up from a.