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Jul 17,  · Cum laude = with honor. Magna cum laude = "with great honor" Summa cum laude = "with highest honor" There are probably variations between institutions as to what a student's GPA must be to achieve these academic distinctions. Per the Rasmussen University Course Catalog as of 7/17/ Apr 09,  · The standard for magna cum laude honours is similar with summa cum laude except it less rigorous. In term of grades, the requirement at some college and university is a or average over four years of college for summa cum laude.

- "with high distinction" (magna cum laude, literally "with high honor"), is reserved for students with a GPA between the top 5% and 3%. - "with highest distinction" (summa cum laude, literally "with highest honor") is often the top 3% of the graduating class, usually. The levels of recognition and the grade point averages required for each are as follows: Summa Cum Laude—, Magna Cum Laude—, and Cum Laude— 3.

To be eligible for undergraduate honors at graduation, a minimum overall grade point average of for cum laude, for magna cum laude and for summa cum laude is required. Students must meet these averages, for both USC coursework and on combined transferred and USC coursework. Jul 19,  · While cum laude signifies a distinguished level of academic achievement, an even higher distinction is magna cum laude, which means "with high honor" or "with high praise." Summa cum laude bestows.

This means that for this school Cum Laude is the bottom % of the top 10%. These three schools have all graduates graduating with honors wear the same cord regardless of Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude or Cum Laude. However, at some schools, such as George Mason University, different colors are worn at the different levels of achievement. Feb 08,  · Cum Laude: GPA: Magna Cum Laude: GPA: Summa Cum Laude: GPA: Honors recognized in the graduation ceremony may be changed based on the processing of final grades. Categories: Academics, Handbooks and University Policies Topics: Advising & Planning, Graduation, Undergrad Student Handbook.