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condom nanotechnology - Dont cum inside me removed condom during hookup

Conclusions: A review of literature cited in this paper has shown that nanotechnology-based condom systems have the potential to prevent the spread of HIV and by: 4. Nevertheless, other studies have shown that coating condoms with nanoparticles is an important and effective method for reducing condom breakage and HIV/STI transmission during sexual intercourse.

The trouble with the word "nanotechnology" is that it refers mostly to an idea from science fiction and futurism: nanoscopic, self-replicating machines that can turn any piece of matter. Nanotechnology has finally made its way into the bedroom, with a new type of condom that uses nanoscale silver foam. The condom for women, made by a Chinese company called Blue Cross, uses.

The nanotechnology condom may be another innovation that will greatly overtake the mechanical suppression of HIV and augment ART outcomes in mucosal surfaces of anal and vaginal secretions. The reinforcement of the condom by coating with stable antimicrobial nanoparticles may play a significant role in reducing condom breakage and slippage Cited by: 4. Jan 13,  · The nanotechnology that the Boston doctors intend to use for their improved condoms will be superhydrophillic nanoparticles that coat the condom and trap water to Author: Dnews.