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The facial lymph nodes comprise three groups: (a) infraorbital or maxillary, scattered over the infraorbital region from the groove between the nose and cheek to the zygomatic arch; (b) buccinator, one or more placed on the buccinator muscle opposite the angle of the mouth; (c) supramandibular, on the outer surface of the mandible, in front of the masseter and in contact FMA: Head and neck cancer patients are particularly vulnerable to lymphedema due to the large number of lymph nodes and vessels in and around the head and neck. In head and neck cancer, lymphedema can be caused by.

Large groups or chains of lymph nodes can be found in your neck, under your arms and in your groin (see the image below). Surgery or radiation to your lymph nodes damage your lymph nodes and vessels. This damage prevents fluid from flowing well and causes swelling. Swelling from damaged lymph nodes and vessels is called lymphedema. The. Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes are most commonly found in the neck, including the sides of the neck, front of the neck, and at the back of the neck behind the ears. Swollen lymph nodes can also appear in the armpits, under the chin, and in the groin area. You can also find large groups of enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen and chest area.

Superficial Lymph Nodes. The superficial lymph nodes of the head and neck receive lymph from the scalp, face and neck. They are arranged in a ring shape; extending from underneath the chin, to the posterior aspect of the head. They ultimately drain into the deep lymph nodes. Occipital: There are usually between occipital lymph nodes. They are located in the back of the /5(). Nov 12,  · Neck pain along the lymph nodes can be caused by enlargement of the lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) or inflammation of the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis). Traditionally, infectious etiologies are the main cause of lymphadenitis. Noninfectious etiologies are usually the main cause of lymphadenopathy; however, there can be overlap.

When it comes to the face in particular, everything connects to lymph nodes around the ears and then flushes down the neck. That means: always start lymph drainage by opening up along the collarbones and neck first. Forgetting about your neck is the #1 mistake people make with any kind of lymph drainage or facial massage routine. Mar 28,  · One symptom of rubella is that you might have swollen lymph nodes behind the neck or ears. But rubella can cause swollen lymph nodes in other parts of the body, in addition to the preauricular.