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threading and facial hair - Short-Haired Blonde With Amazing Body Gets Bukkaked!

Oct 13,  · Threading is a method of removing facial hair using a length of cotton thread (e.g., 2 – 3 ft) tied together at the ends to form a loop. The loop is held in tension by both hands and twisted several times. This creates a single twisted segment at the center of the loop. This then forms a sideways figure 8 (or infinity symbol. May 23,  · Facial hair threading is one of the most popular hair removal methods that Arab women use the most. To ensure the best results and to avoid skin irritation, which is so common after threading, you actually need to prepare your skin for facial hair threading.

hey there its pretty common to have facial hair * we have 3 methods threading,waxing and lazer which is a bit costly and permanent solution * lets talk about the other both meths advates and disadvantages waxing * this was my first technique opted. Dec 05,  · Use of a cotton thread that will be the main instrument to remove facial hair. This thread is threaded around the beautician’s fingers to pull tight, and hair removes from the face. The aesthetic professional must perform a series of precise and studied movements so that the hair disappears from the root and the result is impeccable.