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Tuberous Breasts Before and After. Tuberous breasts are a common cause of noticeable breast unevenness. It is characterized by small breasts and abnormally large areola. If you’re bothered by this rare condition, you may need surgery to improve your breast appearance and . Tubular breast, aka tuberous breasts, are a common breast variation plastic surgeons work to correct. With breast augmentation and a breast lift patients can achieve a look they love. See before and after photos of tubular breasts correction surgery patients/5(92).

View before-and-after Tuberous Breast Surgery pictures of Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery's patients. Photos depict the excellent results patients have . Disclaimer: These before and after photos are of patients that have had surgery performed by Dr Layt. These patients have consented to the photos to be shown. These are the actual photos and the photos have not been altered or digitally enhanced. Every patient is an individual and therefore final surgical results will vary from patient to patient.

Tuberous Breasts Before & After. Dr. Feledy provides exceptional results for tuberous breast correction surgery in Washington will conduct a physical examination and establish the results you would like to see. Dr. Feledy has experience with tuberous breast surgery and has helped many individuals normalize their appearance and improve their self-esteem. This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 36 year old woman (5'2", lbs) who had ptotic (droopy) tubular breasts with larger nipple areola and herniation of the breast tissue into the areola (aka puffy nipples). Her bra size was roughly a 34B (though achieving proper support or fit proved difficult due to the tubular.

View Tubular Breast before and after pictures. Skilled board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenrick Spence from Hillcrest Plastic Surgery offers patients excellence in Tubular Breast procedures. To discuss your cosmetic enhancement, call our office now at () /5(28). Tuberous Breast Surgery Before & After Photos. Tuberous Breast Surgery Before & After Photo – Nina S. Naidu, MD FACS. The tuberous or tubular breast deformity refers to a congenital condition in which the breast fails to develop fully. The ideal breast is round with breast tissue spread out across the chest. In a tuberous deformity, the.