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And while metastatic breast cancer awareness day is Sunday, Oct. 13, Hirschi and her family have opted for more impact by creating a weeklong event running from Saturday, Oct. 12 to Saturday, Oct. Oct 13,  · Similarly, look to your friend for cues on what to discuss. “Sometimes patients express frustration because their friends don’t want to talk about the cancer. People get frustrated because it’s a big part of their life,” Blackler says. However, others find that talking about something other than cancer and treatment is a nice reprieve.

Weight loss and breast cancer risk Weight loss after menopause. Losing weight after menopause may lower the risk of breast cancer [].A pooled analysis of more than , postmenopausal women found those who lost weight (and kept the weight off) had a lower risk of breast cancer than women whose weight didn’t change much over time [].Women who lost about pounds had about a Mar 24,  · The study of 6, Finnish women found that breast cancer rates were nearly three times higher among those born to mothers with relatively wide hips, and nearly seven times higher among women born.

Aug 18,  · A breast cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. It traumatizes both the body and the spirit. It disrupts a person’s life and forces them into a world that is unfamiliar and stressful. Doctors’ appointments, imaging studies, blood tests, genetic testing, and various treatment options (su. The advantages of wide hips. The truth is, it’s healthy for women to have curves, especially since hips have a biological purpose. “Women are built completely different than men, and it’s for a biological purpose,” explains Dr. Heather Bartos, a board-certified OB-GYN.

Cancer. Cancers of the colon, breast (after menopause), endometrium Weight loss can ease stress on the knees, hips, and lower back and may improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis. The width of your mother’s hips can influence your risk of developing breast cancer, reported the Daily Mail today. Research has shown that “women whose mothers have wide hips could be seven times more likely to develop breast cancer,” it said.