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Antone (Chubby) Tavares (far left.) was a member of five-brother disco group The Tavares in the s. ANTONE "CHUBBY" TAVARES One summer morning, June 2nd another baby was born to the Tavares family by the name of Antone Lawrence Tavares. Better known these days as “Chubby Tavares.” Chubby’s Mom already had six children before him.

NEW BEDFORD -- After he nearly died on his birthday in a South End bar Antone “Chubby” Tavares still recalls how his mother walked every day . [Publisher's Note: Chubby Tavares of the legendary group Tavares has been a close friend of SoulTracks since the beginning. In fact, the first story we ever wrote on SoulTracks was about Tavares. With the rest of his family and friends, we at SoulTracks are mourning the passing of Chubby's son, Ryan.

Antone Tavares and his four brothers recorded a string of hits in the s. In , lead singer Antone, who went by the nickname Chubby, was devastated when his son Jason was shot dead in . He was my whole life," an emotional Antone "Chubby" Tavares said Thursday. "He could sing better than all of us put together. I lost my son, Jason, when he was only 23, and my dad is .

Chubby Tavares released his first solo album, Jealousy, on July 17, , a few months after Tavares, the Four Tops (who recorded the original version of "Remember What I Told You To Forget"), and The Temptations toured the UK together. Preceding the album, a digital-only single was released called "It's Christmas". (November 6, ) SoulTrackers will be praying this week as Antone “ Chubby” Tavares, the lead singer of one of our all-time favorite family groups, Tavares, undergoes heart surgery, after suffering a heart attack. The Tavares Facebook page posted the following note: Greetings Fans, Friends and Family.