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Then you can look at phrenology history but Richard=Dietrich=Dick is the every day man’s reason. Reply. Steve Rennie. September 18, pm Actually the English kings named Richard were all French or of French origin – of the Plantagenet line. The British royalty didn’t have a German connection until with George I, more than. In the midth century, dick became slang for a man as a sexual partner. For example, in the satire The English Rogue by Richard Head, a "dick" procured to impregnate a character that is having difficulty conceiving.

Apr 22,  · The History of Dick. April 22, Anybody can make fun of a guy whose first name is Dick; trying to discover the history of Dick is much more difficult. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When Dick Clark’s friends paid tribute to him last week, they seemed to . African slaves likely picked up a 17th-century English slang use of "cock" as a passive verb, as in "to want cocking" or "to get cocked." By , when Muddy Waters was born in Rolling Fork.