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How to sign it: Place one hand in front of your face, palm facing toward you. Close your hand to a fist and drop in to your chin, closing your eyes. Drag that fist downward, eyes still closed. Nov 01,  · With the palm facing up, bring the fingers straight up. Bend the thumb across the palm to touch the base of the pinkie, holding this position for 5 seconds. Move the thumb back to its normal.

grease someone's palm/fist, to To bribe someone; also, to give a gratuity. This term has been around since the sixteenth century, and apparently a version of it was known even in Roman times, when Pliny the Younger called it unguentarium, translated as . The “Palm hold fist” salute is the most commonly used for the rituals of the martial artist. It originates in the traditional etiquette of the Chinese Han people, going back to the Zhou Dynasty more than 3, years ago.

Fist and palm salute is one of the typical Chinese etiquette with a history of more than years. Since West Zhou Dynasty (BC BC ), people had already used this etiquette when meeting peers (it is said that most Chinese traditional etiquette is originated from Zhou Li, created by the Duke of Zhou in early West Dynasty). Fist definition is - the hand clenched with the fingers doubled into the palm and the thumb doubled inward across the fingers. How to use fist in a sentence.

Finger heart is a hand gesture in which the subject has a palm up fist, raises their index finger and brings their thumb over it so as to form a small heart shape. It signals a similar gesture to that of the two-handed heart. It originates from South Korean culture and was used by athletes during the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.