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Psyche was discovered by Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis on March 17, He named the asteroid for Psyche, the Greek goddess of the soul who was born mortal and married Eros (Roman Cupid), the god of Love. Jun 22,  · Eros is a disembodied spirit until we transforms, through his relationship with psyche, into a spirit with an earthly soul. Psyche is mortal, and in that unable to unite with 'spirit' until she transforms (though her erotic adventures with Eros) into an earthly soul immortal. The midpoint is like the point of that transformation.

May 27,  · Eros and Psyche were fated lovers in Greek Mythology, Eros is also known as Cupid and is actually Venus's son. Aug 04,  · Eros is paired with the Asteroid Psyche. Psyche is to the soul what Eros is to the body. Psyche is a soul connection, in the same way that Eros is a body connection. The person will feel like a soul mate.

Asteroid Eros: Demetra George states that Eros was "a primal, phallic god born out of Chaos (the Void) at the beginning of time." He was later known as the son of Mars and Venus and was considered ruler of sexual desire. The following are ephemeris positions of three asteroids (Eros, Psyche, and Sappho) from In order to conserve space, the positions are given monthly. As a result, not all positions will be clear, depending on the birth date.