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stories about foot fetish - Italian showgirl bitching about her feet

Got a great foot fetish story to tell? If so, send it to me at [email protected] Stories involving minors will not be published. Please proofread your stories before submiting them. Some Fun At A Wedding by MidwestFeet - 08/13/20 - Quarantine Relief by MidwestFeet - 08/13/20 - First Sale by MidwestFeet - 12/10/18 -. FOOT FETISH STORIES (MY BANKER) Posted by thefeethunter | Jan 11, | Stories & Interviews | 0. year old Phil Jenkins was a long-time customer at his local Third Street Bank. Every time he went into the bank, he saw many beautiful women working there, but there was one gal who his eyes were fixed on. On with the story.

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Here’s a small sample of foot lovers stories and personal experiences. “When I was a kid (about years old) I loved to tickle my female classmates when we were going to the pool weekly. At first it was just that, but as I grew older, I had my first serious foot fetish experience, that was also my first sexual experience. "Cum on my feet, since you love them so much," she commanded. "I like that," I replied. She kept rubbing her feet on my cock for about two seconds, and I let it all out. Her feet were very soft, just like her hands, so it was almost too easy. It mostly got onto her feet, but she loved that. I pulled them up to me, and saw just how much I got on.

First time foot fetish experience (true story - pictures included) [updated] jonlittle2. 53 3. Registered. jonlittle2. 53 3. Post Dec 02, #1 T =14px*May Contains sexual acts* It was near the end of the school year and this hot girl (Ashley) had her locker beside me. We were both 19 at the time. The MousePad is the best female foot fetish board on the WWW. FORUMS. DISCUSSIONS. MESSAGES. NOTIFICATIONS. The MousePad > Stories > Stories. Share your foot stories here, fiction or non-fiction! Forums Topics Posts Last post; Story Requests Request old stories and post ideas for other writers to work with. Topics K Posts Last post.